You see, when you build your personal training website you have to realise your web design guy is…

Fact 1 – More interested in Design, Layout, Flashy bells-and-whistles and ‘coolness’ factors (ever wondered why these types of guys have ‘Portfolios’ rather than Testimonials…?

Fact 2 –Not interested in personal training or your personal training business. He is not interested in getting more clients for your business and…

Fact 3 – Their job is to design a web site for you, not to get people to go to your website and sign up for your services – he sees that as your job.

Can you see the problem here?

If you have fallen for the Personal Trainers ‘Hollow Dream’ you most certainly have a flashy looking website but you lack traffic, that is real people visiting your website. With out anyone to visit your website how is it ever going to bring in NEW clients and extra revenue for you?!

Your web guy will sit there and try and impress you with all the swish-looking websites he has designed for his clients, but ask him if he has any customer testimonials…

Better yet, see if those testimonials actually report that the client got more customers and made money BECAUSE of the website, rather than just praising the designer for a professional or good looking website.

Your web guy might as you questions about your business to get a ‘feel’ for what you want your website to look like, but again, this is just so he can tailor the look of the website to you and make the design look good. This has nothing to do with getting people to your website or actually converting them into paying clients. Ask him if he’ll use an autoresponder to capture visitors contact details… ask if he’ll help you set up an autoresponder series to brand you and your personal training services as the best in your area. My guess is he won’t even know what an autoresponder is… (sigh).

Ask your web guy what he is going to do to guarantee you actually get new client as a result of building your website and his response will probably be;

“I just build your website, you’ve got to sell your services”

HANG ON A MINUTE!!! Didn’t he just sell me a website so I can get more clients?!? and now he’s saying I’m the one who has to get those clients?! So what is it exactly that he is doing? – He is selling the Hollow Dream… BUSTED!!!

Don’t fall for it.

Without people to visit your website your site is just an abandoned island that no-one knows about.

You can have your web guy to do some traffic generation and some search engine optimization buy this can easily cost you hundreds of dollars each and every month!

To make things worse, your web guy can only control on-page optimization and he will never tell you Google only cares about off-page optimization.

He’s making his job of designing a website that attracts more clients sound hopeless if he tells you these facts…

Fact 4 – Google does not care about your meta tags anymore. While they can help you ‘get-the-click’, once a person sees your website in the search engines. Search Engines rank off-page SEO more than on-page SEO.

Fact 5 – People will not remember your business name when it comes to TYPING it in so you must rank for many different keywords related to your SERVICE (There are thousands more people searching for the service you provide compared to your actual business name).

Fact 6 – Most people will click away from a website within 7 seconds if it looks messy or doesn’t seem to promise to deliver what they are searching for. (Your dead in the water if you can’t convey your message in 7 seconds).